Places to visit

In Grodno there are many historical and cultural attractions of Belarus, the inspection of which will allow you to learn about the interesting past of the city.

The historic city centre is the best place to start the tour.

historical center of grodno

On the right Bank of the river Neman, on the hills, which offer spectacular views of the promenade, located the Old and New castles, which are a single architectural ensemble.  The history of these buildings are associated with important historical events and such legendary figures as Vytautas, Stefan Batory, Stanislav August Ponyatovsky. In the past, the castles were the residences of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the kings of Poland. In our time, they housed the exhibition of the Grodno historical and archaeological Museum.

Grodno new castle

For all the time of its existence, the castles were rebuilt several times, but the atmosphere of the past is recreated by the ruins of the Lower Church of the XII century, untouched by the time the entrance gate with columns in front of the New castle and the arched bridge connecting the two architectural monuments and is the oldest bridge in Belarus. Today the Old castle is under reconstruction.

Grodno old castle

Near the castles rises above the city fire tower – a landmark building of the early XX century. Once it performed a vital function to ensure the safety of the city. It is here that every day the fireman rises to his playing on the pipe symbolically announce that the city is under reliable protection. The watchtower is the building of the current fire station on the wall which depicts firefighters from different eras. Among them in the form of an employee of the fire service is the very Mona Lisa. Everyone can visit the Museum of the history of the fire service, which is located next to the tower.

Grodno city fire tower

Not far from the castles and fire tower is a Large choral synagogue. The architectural monument, which appeared in the XVI century, was almost destroyed many times as a result of terrible fires, but was always restored by the Jewish community. Now this partially restored temple is recognized as the oldest functioning synagogue in the CIS.

grodno large choral synagogue

The magnificent Baroque monument of the XVII century – the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier is always of interest to residents and visitors of the city. The interior of the Cathedral is fascinating: the 20-meter high main altar, made of wood and tinted later under marble, decorated with gold and framed with figures of saints, apostles and patrons, is a real work of art. It is here, in the heart of Grodno, on one of the towers of the Farny Church are the oldest in Europe and still functioning pendulum clock. The Church is adjacent to another landmark institution for the city – the only pharmacy Museum in Belarus, which is the oldest pharmacy in the country.

Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier in Grodno

Kolozha Church – a monument of ancient Orthodox architecture of the XII century. – is truly unique in its architectural solutions. The presence in the walls of the Church vessels-golosnikov, significantly improving its acoustic properties, the use of thin bricks (plinths) in the masonry walls, decoration of facades majolica tiles and polished stones – these and many other features suggest that Kolozha really is not like any sacred monument in the world.

Kolozha Church in Grodno

Special attention should be paid to the Lutheran Church – the only functioning Lutheran Church in Belarus. The monument was built in the XIX century in the neo-Gothic style and is located near the picturesque Park named after Zh. E. Gilbert. Concerts of organ and chamber music, which take place within the walls of the temple, have long been a traditional part of the cultural life of the city.

Lutheran Church in Grodno

Grodno regional drama theatre stands out for its bizarre, futuristic forms. An important architectural symbol of the city, created in the XX century and looks like an inverted crown. Another kind of reminder of the Royal past of the city.

The rich historical heritage of the city is organically inscribed in its modern dynamic life, which gives Grodno a special charm and makes your stay memorable.

Grodno regional drama theatre

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